As a Silicon Valley based transportation provider, San Jose Charters understands that you have many places to go – and we’d love to help take you there! As a highly-renowned, family-owned charter bus business, we are proudly celebrating 15 years of delivering first class service throughout the Bay Area and beyond. What sets us apart is our genuinely dedicated transportation team; our drivers, client service specialists and tour managers share in our mission of ‘clients first, safety always’.

Our clients first philosophy refers to our shared belief that where you are going is just as important as how you get there! We are committed to simple booking procedures, unparalleled reliability, custom transportation packages and even standard monthly and weekly trips you can join. The only limit to where we go is your imagination

Our safety always mindset alludes to our enhanced standards of overall driver and fleet safety. We are one of the only transportation providers of our type to employ a full-time, on-site technician. That means every bus gets serviced in some capacity, every week. In addition, our quarterly staff meetings educate all members of our team on compliance and awareness of the latest safety, regulatory and industry changes.


Over the last decade and a half, our students, corporate clients, community partners, event organizers and regular riders have relied on us for accessible, affordable and effortless travel. With a client base built nearly exclusively on referral, clients continue to choose San Jose Charters due to:

Quality & Integrity


We strive for exceptional quality and utmost integrity in our team members, our fleet and our diverse route offerings. Shared values and a passion for people are apparent in every facet of our business.

Pretense-Free Pricing


We believe in affordable, straightforward rate quotes. No hidden fees, no surprises, simply a recommendation of the shuttle size and type to meet your needs.

Relentless Reliability


We all know there are no guarantees in life, but we do everything in our power to provide punctual transport, dependable vehicles and superior service. The bottom line is that we do what we say we are going to do, and we genuinely enjoy making your ride a pleasurable one!

Customized Convenience


 We know that one size does not fit all – and neither does one shuttle! You may choose our 28 passenger shuttle for your birthday dinner, or our 30, 47 or 56 passenger coach for your corporate event. Our rides rise to your occasion!


Our affiliations represent the pride that we take in our work, our industry and our peers.

Ready to ride?! Contact us today! 888-SJC-BUSS