We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions below! The only thing that’s missing at the moment…is YOU! Feel free to call with your own questions, reservation dates and trip ideas.

Great question! While all charter companies aim to help you reach your destination…not everyone does it with the same level of service, integrity and commitment as our family-owned and operated team! With enhanced vehicle maintenance schedules, a client base built by word of mouth, plus quarterly safety meetings and weekly team service goals…we believe our difference speaks for itself in reliability. Just ask our referrals! 😉

We believe that a trusted trip partner has nothing to hide. Be sure to ask: How long have you been in business? What do you do to ensure compliance with the latest industry regulations? How old is your fleet and how often is it serviced? If education-related, is the provider SPAB certified? Can we see your proof of liability coverage? What safety measures do you implement within your business practices? What affiliations do you have?

Yes! We’d be happy to arrange for you to speak with some of our regular, repeat clients! Let us know if you’d like a corporate, private, gaming or educational referral so we can connect you with someone whose expectations meet yours!

The most accurate way is to call and ask!!! Posted trips may not reflect how much room (if any) is left on the charter. And don’t forget that reservations are required to create the smoothest and best possible trip experience! Call 888-SJC-BUSS, Monday thru Friday from 8am-5pm to reach our booking staff.

Our 47 and 56 passenger buses are fully equipped with a restroom, televisions, DVD players, reclining seats and a PA/audio system. Our minibuses carry 28-30 passenger groups and offer a simple, straightforward experience for local routes.