In the academic arena, we all know that there is a lot that students can (and should!) learn beyond the finite walls of the classroom.

Exploring museums, visiting historic parks, touring nature preserves, traveling with sports teams and celebrating with your fellow graduates – these experiences inspire invaluable memories and life experiences that last long beyond desks and textbooks. Yet convenience, accessibility & affordability are more important now than ever…and safety is positively paramount. We bridge the gap between classroom and real-life learning while providing parents peace of mind. San Jose Charters, Inc. is SPAB certified and meets all CHP and DOT requirements; that means you can take care of the kids, and we can take care of compliance.

We look forward to providing your high school students with the college tours they need to plan the future they’ve been working so hard for. Ask for Angela at (408) 360-9883 – our dedicated Cal Campus Tours Manager & parent of college kids herself!

All Ages

We are fortunate to live in an area where this is SO much to do…and SO much for our students to learn along the way! Over the last 15 years, we have enjoyed countless field trips, championship sports adventures, club excursions and grad night celebrations within the many communities we serve. Some of our personal favorite destinations are the Tech Museum, Monterey Bay Aquarium & Chabot Space Center…to name only a few! We even admit that as promotion ceremonies approach, we are often nearly as proud as the parents, having repeatedly served many of our local school districts year after year!

We completely understand that safety, reliability and accountability are as important on the road as in the classroom; we feel privileged to extend those secure and comfortable surroundings into additional, off-site opportunities for students of all ages. Feel free to give us a call as you consider your next educational experience!

High School Students

Based on community feedback for even greater college educational advocacy, we are proud to offer Cal Campus Tours, a division of San Jose Charters, Inc. Cal Campus Tours is designed to drive students towards pursuing possibility, cultivating clarity and mapping opportunity. College campus tours may be initiated by educators, parents or interested families, and can be entirely customized to meet the interests and potential professions of your students.

If your high schoolers need assistance ‘getting those wheels turning’, ask about our popular NorCal & SoCal College Experience options. Did we mention complete coordination of campus information sessions, arrangement of overnight accommodations…plus time allocated for structured and self-regulated exploration? It really doesn’t get any easier…unless we fill out your financial aid applications (no, we don’t offer that yet!).


We believe in affordable, straightforward rate quotes. No hidden fees, no surprises, simply a recommendation of the shuttle size and type to meet your needs.


We all know there are no guarantees in life, but we do everything in our power to provide punctual transport, dependable vehicles and superior service.


We strive for exceptional quality and utmost integrity in our team members, our fleet and our diverse route offerings.